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Pace of play is extremely important. Following the lead of the USGA, USSSA Junior Golf has developed a pace of play policy, based on Rule 6-7, that is fair to each and every competitor.

Rule 6-7. Undue Delay; Slow Play states:  “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines the Committee may establish.  Between completion of a hole, and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.”

As a general rule, these include:

1st Breach:  Any competitor who is discovered taking more than 40 seconds to play a stroke is subject to a WARNING for slow play, and will be advised of the fact.

2nd Breach: Any competitor who is discovered taking more than 40 seconds to play, and has been issued his/her warning, a ONE STROKE penalty will be assessed to the player in violation.

3rd Breach:  Any competitor who is discovered taking more than 40 seconds to play for a third time, will be issued a TWO STROKE penalty. A two stroke penalty will result in any additional breaches.

A warning is any notice given to a competitor regarding pace of play.  A competitor’s time to play begins when the competitor has had a reasonable opportunity to reach his or her ball and when it is the competitor’s turn to play and can do so without interference or distraction.  Penalties are applied INDIVIDUALLY, but more than one competitor in a group may be penalized.

In general, competitors in a group are subject to being timed at any time, but specifically when the group is deemed to be out of position and over the allotted pace of play guidelines   A group is deemed to be “Out of Position” when it falls more than 15 minutes behind the group in front of them

USSSA Caddy Instructions You must pack the bag at all times (player cannot carry the bag) with your USSSA bib showing. If you wish to withdraw and become a spectator, please remove your USSSA bib and watch the match from the cart path. There is no player penalty for a caddy’s withdrawal, but you cannot return to the bag again during that round. No alcohol intake or smoking from first ball struck to last ball holed. If a tournament approved shuttle is provided, please hop on and move to the next shot with the pairing. Spectators following your player who enter fairways or stand on greens and teeboxes can cause a stroke penalty and should be told to remain on/near the cart path unless they are assisting in looking for a lost ball. Caddies must be at least 18 years of age. Like a PGA Caddy, you are to give yardage and hand a requested club to the player. You are not allowed to impart lessons. Do not tell the player, “Keep your head down”, or “Watch your alignment”. You are not allowed to touch a club during the round except to transfer it immediately from the bag to the player. You are not allowed to point, with finger or flagstick and putter, to a spot on the green where the player should putt the ball. Pre-shot comments or pre-putt reads must be one sentence recommendations, as in “You’ve got 150 yards to the bunker”, or “This putt is left edge.” Either the player or the caddy are allowed to operate distance measuring devices, but the player still must play within 40 seconds. Your advice and participation is part of that time allotment. Lengthy pre-shot and pre-putt rituals can cause slow play and result in pace of play warnings and slow play penalties for the player. After you hand the club to the player, no further verbal interaction is allowed. Once you hand the club to the player, caddies are not allowed to speak to the player until the shot is struck. Caddies are not allowed to assist with grip, stance or alignment. After the player takes the club in the fairway or on the green, move away quickly and allow the player to hit the shot undisturbed. Please do not stand behind the player while the player is hitting and do not stand behind the player or in the line of the putt while the player is putting. The player must keep his/her own scorecard. You are not allowed to hold or keep your player’s official scorecard or to tell your player what they had on a hole or what a member of the pairing had. Do not ask a member of your pairing what they had on a hole. Caddies are prohibited from entering into any part of the scoring process, during and after the round. Caddies are not allowed in the area near the scorer’s table. Do not provide a ruling to your player or any player, even if asked. The player must make his/her own ruling and confer with other players on rulings. Caddies and spectators alike are allowed & encouraged to look for all lost balls. The player must mark his/her own ball, then give it to the caddy to clean, which is within the rules. Raking bunkers and tending flagsticks is greatly appreciated.

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