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Regional Tournaments

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North East Regional - Northern NJ Area (coming soon)

Atlantic Regional - Maryland Area ( coming soon)

Gulf Coast Regional - Mississippi Area (coming soon)

South East Regional - Florida Area ( coming soon )

Southern Regional - Louisiana ( coming soon )

updated 12/15/19

USSSA Regionals

Regional Championships are open to all golfers.  Non-USSSA golfers are more than welcome to attend the tournament.  Golfers do not need to qualify to participate at this time but it is expected that the participants be capable golfers, not rookie golfers.  Golfers shooting in the 120's for 18 or 60's for 9 hole rounds should not be entering.  Regional Events are multi-round tournaments played over 2 days.  This is the inaugural year for these events, so you can be one of the first USSSA Regional Champions ever.  The tournaments are family friendly at destination cities around the country.   Come experience USSSA Golf, you won't be disappointed

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